No two alike. Limited-edition eco chic collections from the best of Made in Italy.

Eco-chic fashion handmade and designed in Italy. Best quality Made in Italy surplus stock is turned into our exclusive QUID limited edition collections employing exclusively disadvantaged women.

QUID promotes the employment of disadvantaged women whilst championing a new way of doing ethical fashion in Italy.
QUID firmly believes that fashion, with its message of beauty, harmony, and creativity, is a powerful tool for tackling social inequalities and promoting social innovation.
QUID cares for beauty and for the environment.
Each QUID item is unique and is the result of an innovative process where the design of the product is creatively adapted to the supply of raw material.
QUID employs first quality fabric surpluses thanks to a network of brand partner – amongst the best ‘Made in Italy’ brands.



Our brand
QUID – from the Latin ‘something’.
QUID founders were inspired by the Italian phrase ‘to have that QUID’ – ‘to have that something’, often referred to things that are uniquely special. Such had to be QUID creations.
The peg in the logo symbolises the synergy between market and social values, inner and outer beauty.


Progetto QUID was founded in Verona, Italy, in 2012 by five friends who shared a passion for fashion and for social innovation.
In March 2013 QUID was registered as a co-op.
In June 2013 QUID opened its first temporary store in Verona, followed by a second store in Forte Dei Marmi, Tuscany. Since March 2014 QUID has a permanent flagship store in Verona city centre.
Two more temporary stores were opened in Spring 2014 in Vicenza and Trient.
Nowadays QUID employs 23 disadvantaged women.