Progetto QUID is a new fashion brand which employs women from vulnerable social groups in the production of clothes and accessories. These products are made from high quality textiles donated by some of Italy’s top fashion firms.

Progetto Quid was founded with the purpose of enabling disadvantaged categories of female workers, who would otherwise be excluded, to enter the world of work. The employment of these women meets market demand and, at the same time, allows them to play an active role in the creation of beautiful fashion items.

The founders wanted to implement an empowerment model for inclusive growth to cultivate the unexplored talent of those who overcome personal vulnerabilities and that, precisely thanks to their fragility, have developed a unique set of skills — namely an extraordinary resourcefulness and resiliency. As a social enterprise, Quid tries to be a changemaker, providing a safe environment for each worker to grow and develop professionally and personally so that she/he is valued in the role or position she/he finds the most fulfilling.

Thanks also to a close network of carefully selected brand partners which donate their surplus textiles, the creation of beautiful high quality products and respect for the environment go hand in hand.



QUID – the name of our brand and its logo are symbols of the values we stand for. Quid, in Latin “something more”, was chosen to indicate how our brand offers more than others: a short, simple word to express our firm commitment to fighting the problem of social exclusion.

Progetto Quid offers something more to the community, to its customers and to its partners; this “quid” combines both social and market values, which are held together by the clothes peg of our logo.


Progetto Quid was founded in 2012 by five friends with a particular interest not only in fashion, but also in social issues. Originally this group of friends formed an association for social advancement and one year later, in march 2013, they were joined by a group of emerging, young creative artists and the social cooperative Progetto Quid was born. In summer and autumn 2014, Progetto Quid opened two stores, one in Forte dei Marmi and the other one in Verona. Nowadays, it employs 111 people (mostly women) from 17 countries, with 5 shops and many collaborations with various firms. Stay tuned, this is just the beginning of our story.