Progetto QUID is a charity project aiming at recycling clothes and fabrics involving disadvantaged women. We are nine passionate young professionals believing in an ethically-oriented business approach.

Quid is a latin word meaning “something more”. We believe our project has something more to make a difference by establishing a new business model.

Our idea is to give new life to leftover materials received from local fashion firms engaging women who experienced difficult situations, such as unemployment and social exclusion. Creating a unique, sustainable and creative product we offer an opportunity of emancipation and empowerment.

Our distinctive feature is to couple ethical and environmental returns, as visually expressed by our logo: the peg. With that, we want to combine social and sustainability aspects with profit-driven features.

QUID handmade t-shirts represent a creative product with a social soul: every detail (the fabric, the decorative motives, the tags) results from the passion of women who find their way out of marginalization.


If you believe in our project, find our T-shirts here :


– Scarabocchio (via Ponte Pietra 25, VR, ITALY),

– Anita’s (Via Catullo 11, VR, ITALY),

– Mr. Gulliver (vicolo Morette 10, VR, ITALY),

– Ida Del Castillo SAS (Via XXVII Aprile 59, FI, ITALY),

– Monica C. (Via Mascagni 104, Castel d’Azzano, ITALY),

– Bruschi (Via Da Vinci 4, BZ, ITALY),

– Il Pagliaio (Corso Fogazzaro 6, VI, ITALY),

– Pigafetta Street (VIa Pigafetta 16, VI, ITALY)

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